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We have a 60-Day Job Interview Guarantee or we will make Revisions to your Resume & Cover Letter at No Additional Cost.


ATS Compliant & ATS Friendly Resumes allow the Resume Application to pass through the ATS Tracking System, and into the view of the employer. It is set with special keywords and matches the job description accurately. It is a tool used by recruiters and hiring managers to select candidates. Our professional writing staff is trained in ATS Compliant & ATS Friendly Resumes, and know-how to get the Resume to the right person. We make sure that your chance of getting the job is much higher than other Applicants.


There is a No Refund Policy. Once the documents have been uploaded on the Website. It is automatically sent to our writers for editing. However, we would be able to edit your Resume unlimited times without any additional cost.

ATS Resume

$ 150

ATS Cover Letter

$ 80

LinkedIn Profile

$ 50

ATS Resume & ATS
Cover Letter

$ 230

Essay (Includes Title & Reference Page)

$ 40 Per Page

ATS Resume & ATS Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile

$ 280

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